Unable to Connect to Network using Hotel and Dorm Connect

A problem has been identified attempting to connect with TCL Roku TVs to wireless networks using Hotel or Dorm connect.   The authentication connection doesn't show up on a mobile phone or computer being used to authenticate the connection.     This issue may occur on TVs running Roku software version 9.4.0.    

To verify the Roku software version go to Home > Settings > System > About > OK.   

Follow these steps to resolve the problem:

1.    Disable Miracast: Settings -> System -> Screen Mirroring -> Screen Mirroring Mode -> Never Allow

2.    Setup network connection: Settings -> Network -> Setup connection -> Wireless -> {select the AP/Router}

3.    Once Login Portal is detected, select "At dorm or hotel" in pop-up.

4.    Another dialog will popup informing you that Device Connect is disabled and will take you to the Device Connect dialog. Select Enable.

5.    Setup network connection again (#2 above) and follow the normal login portal routine to connect to the network.

6.    Re-enable Miracast: Settings -> System -> Screen Mirroring -> Screen Mirroring Mode -> Prompt or Always Allow

Note:   This issue only affects TVs that need to be re-authenticated in a dorm or hotel with a Roku TV that has already been setup.  For TV setup the for the first time this should not be an issue.  

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