YouTube Audio Issues

If you're having trouble with the audio quality while watching YouTube on your TCL TV, here are some simple fixes you can try:


Replay Videos From Your Library

The easiest and most painless method to fix the YouTube app's audio not playing on your TCL TV is to replay videos from your Library or Watch History. You can find your library (which holds your recent videos) on the left side menu of the YouTube app


Exit and Re-Open the YouTube App

If replaying a video from your recent list doesn’t work (and it should), exiting and re-launching the YouTube TV app is your next best bet.


Hard Restart Your TCL TV

If the problem still persists, a hard restart of your TCL TV may help clear saved and stored data. Simply switching your TV off and on again may not work; you’ll have to shut down the OS—by long-pressing the power button on your TV remote or turning off the power to the unit—and restart your TV.


Check if You Have Wireless Headphones Connected

If you frequently listen to your TCL TV content using a wireless headset, it may still be connected. This will affect all audio coming from your TCL TV; not just YouTube videos.


Select a Speaker for Sound Output

Some TCL TVs have the option to toggle the main speaker on and off. Look for your TV’s speaker to check whether it is set to the off position. You will find this under your TCL TV's audio/sound settings.


Factory Reset Your TCL TV

If nothing else works, try factory resetting your TCL TV. Be warned, though, that this will cause you to lose all your saved data, installed apps, and logins.

To do this, go to your TCL TV's settings and navigate to the About option. Within this subsection, you should find the Factory reset option. You may need to enter a PIN to begin factory resetting your TCL TV.


Check Your Internet Connection

A choppy internet connection can cause a lag between the audio and video playing on your TCL TV. 


Restart Your TCL TV

Out-of-sync audio could be caused by an overworked system and low available resources. Restarting your TCL TV could help free up working memory and clear saved data and cache, which might help with laggy or draggy audio.

Go to your TCL TV's settings, select Device Preferences, and then choose the Restart option.


Clear the YouTube App Cache

If the problem doesn’t lie with your system, it might reside with the YouTube app itself. Clearing the cache could make the app run more smoothly. H

  1. To clear the YouTube app cache on your Android TCL TV, go to Settings.
  2. Navigate to Apps, or a similarly named option.
  3. Select YouTube from the list of apps.
  4. Scroll down to the clear cache option.
  5. Click on this and say yes to clearing the YouTube app cache on your TCL TV.

Try Switching the Audio to PCM Format on Your TV

Laggy and unsynced audio might also be made worse depending on the audio format selected on your TCL TV. Switching your audio output to PCM format—which is one of the most commonly used audio formats—may help reduce this occurrence. Here’s how to do this:

  1. Go to your TCL TV’s settings.
  2. Navigate to audio options or sound settings.
  3. Look for the Digital Output option.
  4. Change it to PCM.

Update or reinstall the YouTube App

It may be that the version of YouTube you’re running isn’t wholly compatible with your TCL TV’s OS. Try updating or reinstalling the app.

With this solution you might have to sign in to your YouTube account.

If the YouTube app comes preinstalled on your TCL TV, most likely, you won't be able to uninstall it. However, if you've turned off updates for apps on your TV, it could be that you are using an older version of the YouTube app.

Here's how to check if your TCL TV is running the latest version of the YouTube app.

  1. Go to the Apps tab on your TCL TV. (You can also get here through your TV's settings.)
  2. Look for and open the Google Play Store app.
  3. Navigate to your profile.
  4. Go to Settings > Auto-update apps.
  5. Toggle this to always update your apps.

As you can see above, there may be many things getting in your way of seamless YouTube streaming. However, with a few simple fixes, you should be able to get back to watching the online video site on your TCL TV.



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