My TCL Android TV Remote is NOT Working

The TCL Android TV Voice Remote control (RC802V) communicates with the TCL Android TV to transmit remote key selections in two ways: (1) Through an invisible Infra-Red light, and (2)Wirelessly via Bluetooth.  Reminder, your remote has to be paired with our TV to use the built-in Google Assistant button. 

To resolve any issues with your voice remote control, refer to the recommended steps below:

  • Try restarting your Android TV and voice remote
    • Open the battery compartment and remove the batteries from the remote
    • Restart you TCL Android TV:  Press the Settings button on your remote, select More Settings> Device Preferences>About>Restart.  Select Restart to confirm.
    • Once you see the TCL logo, reinsert the batteries into the remote.

  • Try re-pairing the enhanced remote and your TCL Android TV
    • Press and hold the HOME and OK buttons on your remote at the same. 
    • This will initiate the re-pairing process.  Note: Make sure to keep the remote within 3 feet from your TV during the repairing process.

To ensure IR feature of the remote is operating reliably, it must be pointed directly at the front of your TCL Android TV.  To resolve issues with your standard IR remote, try the following: 

  • Verify that there is a clear path between your TV and remote.  Make sure that there are no obstructions between your TCL remote and the remote sensor located in front of the TV.  For example:  If you have a sound bar, confirm that it is not blocking the TV sensor.   
  • Aim the remote directly at the TV.  Make sure you are pointing the remote directly at the TV or at an optimal distance.  
  • Try reseating the batteries.  If the remote is still unresponsive or intermittently responding, it is possible the batteries were installed incorrectly.  Try removing the batteries from the remote and re-inserting them.  
  • Try replacing the batteries.  If there is no improvement after reseating the batteries, it is time to replace them with fresh batteries
  • Perform the Infrared Emitter Test.  For this procedure, you will need a smart phone, or a digital camera with a live display.  Note:  Some cameras will show the Infrared (IR) signal better than others.  Also, it is recommended to conduct this test in a darkened room.  
    • Power off your TCL Android TV using the multi-function button underneath the TV.  Press and hold the button, then once the Power option is highlighted, press and hold the button again.
    • Point your smartphone or digital camera towards the tip of the TCL remote. 
    • Look into the camera as if you are taking a picture while pressing the power button on the remote.
    • You should see a purple light as you press and hold the button.  Refer to sample images below.  


  • If no light is seen from the IR emitter, then it is likely that the remote is defective.  If the remote is emitting an IR signal, but the TV still does not turn on or respond, confirm that nothing is blocking the TV's IR receiver (located underneath the TCL logo).  If there’s clear line of sight, and the TV still does not turn on, then the issue could lie with the IR receiver on the TV.  Click here to contact us for additional assistance.

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