How to Pair or Re-pair the subwoofer with my Q Series sound bar

When the wireless subwoofer is connected, you can enjoy powerful deep bass sounds and a truly immersive audio experience. Here are the step-by-step instructions on how pair or re-pair your wireless subwoofer to the main sound bar:

Auto Pairing

Make sure both the Sound Bar and wireless subwoofer are connected to the power supply and are turned on.

  • The Sound Bar will pair with the subwoofer automatically.
  • The amber LED will remain on solidly when pairing is successful.

Do not press the PAIR button at the back of the wireless subwoofer during auto pairing.
If auto pairing is not successful, you can pair the subwoofer with the Sound Bar manually.


Manual Pairing (Re-Pairing)

  1. Make sure the Sound Bar and wireless subwoofer are properly connected to the power supply.
  2. Press the ON/OFF button at the back of the wireless subwoofer until it flashes.
  3. Press the Right Arrow button on the top panel of your Sound Bar main unit or remote control to power on your Sound Bar main unit.
  4. The Sound Bar and wireless subwoofer will pair automatically.
  5. Pairing is successful. The amber LED remains on solidly.


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