Getting to know your TCL Android TV

A - STATUS LIGHT   Glows when the TV is in standby; IR RECEIVER Receives signal from the TV remote  
B - POWER and OPTIONS BUTTON   Press once to open the menu options.  Press and hold to turn off thee TV.
C - POWER PORT   Connect your TC to the power source with the included power cable

D - HDMI PORTS Highest quality audio/video connection. Connect cable box, Blu-ray player, gaming console, or other devices to your TV using HDMI cables. 

E- HDMI ARC PORT  Connect HDMI ARC (audio return channel) capable audio devices like sound bars or AV receivers.

F - ETHERNET Connect an Ethernet cable to your home  Internet router or switch.

G - ANTENNA/CABLE IN Connect an outdoor VHF/UHF  antenna or Cable TV feed.

H - OPTICAL (DIGITAL AUDIO OUT) Connect an optical cable to an external digital audio system.

I - USB PORT Connect a USB device to access photos,  music and movies.

J - AV IN adapter AV Input (analog audio/video).  Use the supplied adapter to connect to older devices that use analog audio/video outputs. The supplied adapter connects to the RCA cable (video - yellow and audio - white and red) that you normally use to connect to that device. 

K - HEADPHONE OUT Connect headphones or other external speakers. 

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