Why do I need a Roku Account?

To bring out your TCL Roku TV's full potential and enjoy thousands of contents from different streaming services and channels, you need to create a Roku account.  

What is a Roku account?

Your Roku account will help you manage your TCL Roku TV, other Roku® streaming devices you own, and the channels you have installed.  Signing-up for a Roku account is completely FREE!  Here are additional benefits of having a Roku account:

  • It will connect your TCL Roku TV and your other Roku® streaming devices to the Roku Channel Store.  You can easily manage your channel selection, your account preferences and settings within the TV's Roku menu options, using the Roku App or online at my.roku.com 
  • Roku can automatically send software updates to your TV.

NOTE:  When you setup a Roku account, you will be asked to register a payment method.  Adding a payment method lets you easily rent or buy movies on demand, or try popular paid subscriptions or transaction-based streaming channels.  You won't be charge unless you agree to the terms and cost of the content.  

Click here if you want more information about creating a Roku account.

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