Using Amazon Alexa to Control Your TCL Roku TV

You can ask Alexa to control your TCL Roku TV.  Alexa who???  Amazon Alexa, simply known as Alexa, Echo or Computer is a voice-controlled personal assistant developed by Amazon.  This cloud-based voice service has a number of 'skills' and capabilities which includes the ability to perform voice search and voice control of TCL Roku TVs.  You can use Amazon devices, or the Amazon and Alexa Apps to search and control playback of contents, and the ability to launch some select streaming channels.  Plus, you can power the TV screen on and off, adjust the volume, switch between different input devices such as Over-The-Air antenna, cable box, game consoles, etc. once connected.  


  • The Roku skill for Alexa is supported in United States and Canada.
  • The Roku skill for Alexa is supported on all TCL Roku TVs. 
  • Using your voice to launch Netflix, or access and interact with Netflix content is currently not supported when using the Roku skill for Alexa. Other voice commands like those for adjusting volume are also not supported when using Netflix.
  • You can launch more that 100 top channels on your TCL Roku TV using Alexa.  However, the launch channel command does not work with all channels on the Roku platform at this time.
  • The Roku skill for Alexa does not support all Roku Voice capabilities. 

Getting Started...

Before you can use Alexa, make sure your TCL Roku TV has Roku OS 9.1 or higher. Click here to find the software version of you TV.   Reminder, your TCL Roku TV checks for an update every 24-36 hours or you can manually check for a software update.

In addition, you will need the following:

  • A free Roku account
  • An Alexa device such as an Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Echo Show, or Amazon Echo Spot.
  • Any non-Amazon device running Alexa, such as the Sonos One speaker.
  • The Alexa mobile app downloaded to your iOS® or Android™ device

        Note: For help setting up an Alexa device or downloading the mobile app, visit Amazon's  Device Service and Digital Support page

How to set up Alexa on the TCL Roku TV

To use Alexa to search and control your TCL Roku TV, you need to link your Roku account to your Alexa account using the following steps:

  1. From your mobile device, launch the Alexa mobile app
  2. Tap or select Menu Alexa app menu icon  
  3. Tap Skills & Games
  4. Enter Roku in the search bar
  5. Find and select Roku from the list
  6. Tap or select Enable Skill
  7. When prompted, sign in to your Roku account
  8. Then continue to follow the onscreen prompts

List of Voice Commands to Use

Below are the list of commands.  Note:  Always start the command with the Wake Word, by default, it is set to "Alexa"


Control Media Playback

Say the command by saying "Alexa", followed by:

  • “...pause on Roku”
  • “...launch Hulu on Roku”
  • “…go home on Roku”

Search for Content:

Say the command by saying "Alexa", followed by:

  • "...find me documentaries on Roku"
  • “...find me comedies on Roku”

Control your TCL Roku TV

Say the command by saying "Alexa", followed by:

  • “...turn on Roku” Note: Fast TV Start must be enabled on your Roku TV to use Alexa to turn on your TV screen. 
  • “...raise the volume on Roku”
  • “...mute on Roku”
  • “...change to channel 7.1 on Roku”  Note: An HDTV antenna must be connected to your Roku TV to use Alexa to change broadcast channels
  • “...switch to HDMI 2 on Roku"


  • Q:  Do I need a Amazon Echo or Echo Dot to use this feature
  • A:  No, the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot devices are not required.  You can use the Amazon or Alexa App on your mobile devices.
  • Q:  I can’t find Roku as a device type to add in Device Settings, what should I do?
  • A:  Alexa support was recently made available with the recent Roku software update.  Check out the Getting Started section of this article to make sure your TCL Roku TV has all the system requirements. 
  • Q:  Can I control more than one Roku at a time?
  • A:  Yes, you can link multiple TCL Roku TVs and other Roku streaming devices to Alexa.  
  • Q:  I can’t find my TCL Roku TV to link to after logging into my Roku account from the Alexa app, what should I do?
  • A:  All your Roku devices linked to that Roku account should be available to select from.  If it is not, check if the device is linked to another Roku account.  Proceed to check linked account from Settings>System>About Note: If ‘remember me' was used previously on browser during the last sign in to the Roku account, you will not be asked for username and password again, and automatically use the last login credential. To change users, have the customer clear browsing and cache data, then try again.
  • Q:  Alexa is not recognizing my voice commands.
  • A:  Make sure that you include "... on Roku” after the voice command.  For example, ‘Show me action movies on Roku’.  If you need assistance with general voice recognition and Alexa usage, we recommend contacting Amazon support for more details.
  • Q:  I’m having trouble getting Roku voice commands to work.
  • A:  Make sure that you include "... on Roku” after the voice command. For instance, ‘Show me action movies on Roku’.
  • Q:  I’m having trouble using Alexa to control Netflix.
  • A:  Currently, Alexa does NOT support voice commands for launching and controlling Netflix.
  • Q:  Music commands are not working on Alexa.
  • A:  Currently, Alexa does NOT support music voice commands

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